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Join our team and become a teacher in the biggest private education company in the Czech Republic. After a successful interview you can start teaching for two language schools: James Cook Languages and Jipka.

Why us?

EDUA Group is the biggest education company in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2010 and since then it has become a market leader in education. The individual EDUA brands have a much longer history. Jipka was founded in 1998, James Cook Languages one year later. We are also a member of the Association of Language Schools that groups together the best language providers in the Czech Republic.

Having a professional team of teachers is a prerequisite for the above-standard teaching we want to offer our students. Therefore, we do our best to make our teachers feel comfortable by providing them with the support they need, suitable premises to work in and motivation to grow. Everything is organized for you.

We have developed our own methodology, Coach&Practise, which will make your work with us even easier. We have also written a methodology handbook for our teachers to help you even more with your teaching and lesson planning. Language teachers in EDUA Group are looked after by our Directors of Studies and Senior Teachers. We have a great set of interesting and useful training and development workshops for new teachers to support you when you start teaching with us.

We reward you for your hard work and loyalty – you can directly influence your pay with positive feedback from your students and Senior Teacher. We reimburse travel expenses to our full-time teachers. Moreover, if they have been working with us for at least one school year, they are offered a financial bonus. Teachers can also get a MultiSport Card.

We are located in pleasant premises in the heart of Karlín in Prague, with a view of the central Church of Saint Cyril and Methodius. In the surrounding area there are countless fantastic restaurants and shops, with frequent farmers’ markets. With us, teachers have their own space with a well-equipped library (available online too). There you can find more than 3000 textbooks, magazines and pre-prepared materials for lessons. Naturally, there are also printers, computers, WiFi, a laminator and stationery. All of our classrooms are equipped with laptops, projectors and whiteboards. There are also other branches located around Prague, where you can print for free or copy materials for lessons. We also have a monthly internal newsletter, Logbook, in which you can find news from the internal team, interesting interviews and tips for teaching. We also have great, well-equipped facilities for teachers in the regions. You can prepare for your lessons in the centre of Brno at Jakubské náměstí, in Ostrava in Tieto Towers or in the centre of Mladá Boleslav.

Part of the teachers’ development is also the option to attend any language course in our language school Jipka or any professional course in Top Vision for free or with a discount. Teachers also have a discount on preparatory courses organised by Tutor.

Apart from regular observations and mentoring, we run methodological workshops and training sessions. Teachers can also receive a Professional development certificate.


Training Sessions:

  • Getting Started at EDUA

  • Teaching First Lessons

  • Grammar Training

  • Error Correction

  • Materials and Resources

  • Teaching English in Companies

  • How to Teach Online

We realize that getting used to life in the Czech Republic can be difficult for new teachers. The EDUA Group team is always ready to help and assist with things that are essential for settling into your new working environment. Alongside this, we organize various social activities (Quiz nights, parties, picnics, etc.) and have built a community of language teachers to make your life in the Czech Republic easier. 

In EDUA Group you will have many courses of different types to choose from. You will also have the possibility to teach for two language schools at once. We will build your schedule based on your possibilities and needs. You can be sure that you will have courses all year round. We will take care of you!

What does the interview process look like?

Given the values EDUA Group fosters, we put great emphasis on the selection process of our teachers. You stand a good chance if you are open, communicative and friendly with maximum professionalism and a desire to further develop your skills.

If you meet this description, a team of professionals will guide you through the hiring process.


Assessing your CV and interview invitation

After reading your CV, we will assess whether you meet the required criteria. If so, you will be contacted via email or phone and invited to an interview. This interview can be a face-to-face meeting or a video call.


Lesson plan and interview arrangement

Part of the interview entails completing a short questionnaire and demo lesson. You will receive a questionnaire and instructions regarding your demo lesson plan that you should send to us before our meeting along with your interview invitation. Afterwards we will agree on a date for your interview and we look forward to meeting you.


Interview and interview result

We will discuss your experience during the interview and you will get the opportunity to teach part of your lesson. We will contact you about the interview results within a few days of your interview.

How to get ready?

Some tips before the demonstration lesson that can help you to prepare a good lesson plan:


We use the CLT approach, meaning the student should speak as much as possible.


The lesson plan should have a clear structure and goals.


You should incorporate various activities into the lesson.


You should try to elicit as much as possible from the student.


Do not give lengthy presentations of grammar but make sure that you understand what you are teaching.

What are our requirements?

We verify that each candidate meets our qualification requirements:

  • excellent theoretical and practical knowledge of the language

  • a positive, proactive and communicative approach

  • native speakers should hold a teaching certificate (TEFL/CELTA or other)

  • teaching experience is an advantage, but not essential

  • university degree is an advantage

  • reliability and loyalty

  • time flexibility

How we teach?

Who we teach

Our methodology Coach&Practise enables us to teach languages effectively to busy professionals, who can only devote a limited amount of time out of their busy schedule. These are students who do not have much time for self-study, preparation and homework.

Our goal

Each of our lessons focuses on the student’s specific language needs. The method teaches people to use speech in context, and effectively remove any barriers that naturally occur.

How it works

The first step of a successful course is the language audit, in which we map out the student’s knowledge and skills, at the same time finding out the student’s individual needs. The style of lessons according to Coach&Practise runs counter to the lecture-style of teaching, and enables students to actively use the language. Language is a reflex, and is best mastered through active use. In their lessons, our students actively speak for up to 80% of the time, always in the target language.

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