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Methodology Team

The methodology team is the guarantor of the quality of our teachers‘ teaching. You will find our in-house methodologists (Academic Director and Director of Studies), regional methodologists and a team of our most experienced senior teachers (ST).

Management of the methodology team

Bibiana Machátová

Academic Director

She leads the EDUA Group's methodology team and is the main guarantor of the quality of teaching in our language schools. She graduated in teaching for secondary schools and English/American studies and has been teaching since 2006.

Likes her road bike, coffee, and chocolate ice cream. Would like to speak Italian.

Tereza Javornická

Director of Studies

Internal methodologist of EDUA Group and ST for German and Russian. She graduated in German and Russian philology and has been teaching German and Russian courses since 2007. 

Doesn't keep her finger on the pulse (except for methodology), believes in Ordnung und Disziplin.

Soňa Šimková

Director of Studies

Internal methodologist of EDUA Group and ST for English language. She has a degree in English translation and foreign languages and cultures and has been teaching English since 2000. 

A passionate fan of Depeche Mode; likes reading books by Salman Rushdie and detective stories by Agatha Christie, does hot yoga and drinks good coffee.

Our methodologists in the regions

Jana Plandorová

She coordinates teaching in the regions and works as ST for English language. She has a degree in English and Music and has been teaching English since 2006. 

Loves diving, sleeping under the stars and planting herbs.

Klára Večeřová

She coordinates teaching in the regions and works as ST for English language. She studied English and German language teaching and has been teaching English courses since 2012. 

Has never had a tooth decay.

Our Senior Teachers (ST) and trainers

Kateřina Hrušková

English teacher since 2014, English and French teaching programme university graduate, holds a TEFL certificate.

Never misses a street photography exhibition.

Kara Magalhaes

English teacher since 2017, holder of TEFL certificate and graduate in Human Resource Management.

Also a yoga teacher, marathon runner, and a dog parent.

Adam Tatar

He has been teaching English since 2013 and besides teaching, he runs the EDUA training programme for aspiring English teachers. He holds a TEFL certificate and studied anthropology. 

Lifelong boyscout, keeps a pet hedgehog, documentary and podcast junkie.

Our Senior Teachers (ST) for English

Markéta Lavigne Kolářová

Graduated English language teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience.

A bookworm, a keen cyclist, lover of good coffee and tasty food, a person who still enjoys teaching even after doing it for thirty years.

Tanner Ch. LeTourneau

Graduated in Linguistics, teaching English since 2015, and was a finalist for Prague's funniest comedian.

Loves a good joke, has had too many near-death experiences, always up for a beer. 

April Mislan

She has been teaching English since 2011, as a Community Manager she is responsible for organizing social activities for EDUA teachers, has a degree in business administration, holds a TEFL certificate. 

Fueled by coffee, always looking for adventure - once drove a Rickshaw from the South to the North of India.

Arezoo Nasiri

CELTA certificate holder with more than 20 years of experience in teaching English.

Fair-weather runner, all-weather home chef, and Persian poetry enthusiast. 

Soňa Pazderová

Certified examiner for Cambridge exams, takes care of teachers in Brno and its surroundings, studied English and German, holds CELTA certificate.

Interested in genealogy, Agatha Christie´s books and Brno architecture.

Pavel Pokorný

Holder of DELTA and CELTA certificates, graduate in English language studies with teaching experience since 2013. 

Aging millennial who likes running and drinking beer (preferably not at the same time).

Jiří Sklenář

DELTA-certified English teacher with teaching experience since 1999, graduated in music management in USA. 

Enjoys classical music and jazz.

Our Senior Teachers (ST) for other languages

Isaac Cordova

ST for Spanish and English, graduated in graphic design, DELE certificate holder with teaching experience since 2004.

Artist, urban sketcher, traveler and Les Mills enthusiast.

Erika Härtelová

ST for French and Italian, graduated in French language and pedagogy, teaching since 1999.

Fond of nature and gardening, loves cycling trips and diving into literature. 

Daniela Kučerová

ST for German language, graduate in German studies with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

An art and culture enthusiast who loves iceskating, and everything and anything German.

Tomáš Peřinka

ST for Czech language for foreigners and English, graduated in International Business and European Integration, teaching Czech for foreigners and English since 2008.

Philosophy, classical music and Latin aficionado.

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