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I am a New Teacher

Are you studying foreign language teaching or have a teaching certificate but don’t yet have teaching experience? That’s okay, we will show you and provide you with everything you need to become an excellent and successful foreign language teacher.

What can we offer you?

Professional Growth

Immediately after joining us, you will attend a set of training sessions in which you will be introduced to the basic principles of teaching so that you are well-prepared for your first lessons. In addition, we have written a methodology handbook for our teachers, which is a great help in planning lessons. 

Methodological Support

Throughout your time working with us, you will be supported by a Senior Teacher who will provide you with methodological support whenever needed. They will also invite you to attend one of their lessons, giving you the opportunity to see an experienced teacher in action.


You will be the master of your schedule. Our coordinators will create a schedule according to your individual requirements and needs. 

Access to New Courses

Do you just want to add new courses to your schedule or are you interested in broader cooperation? With us, both options are relevant. We offer courses all year round, so you will be guaranteed constant access to new courses. In addition, you can select them directly from our online system from the comfort of your home or by contacting our coordinators.


You will have a wide selection of different courses – corporate, public, group, individual, specialized, face-to-face and online, post-secondary and more.

Quality Facilities

We have a well-equipped library with free printing, laminating, scanning and copying. The library is also available in digital form. All our classrooms are equipped with laptops, projectors and whiteboards. We also publish a monthly magazine Logbook which features news from the in-house team, fun interviews and teaching tips.

In addition to excellent care, we also offer you various benefits depending on the number of courses you will be teaching with us. These include:

  • a recruitment bonus according to the number of courses accepted,

  • an annual bonus of 10,000 CZK after one year of cooperation,

  • reimbursement of travel expenses, 

  • a MultiSport card,

  • an MS license for online lessons,

  • language and professional courses for free or with significant discounts,

  • and other financial rewards.

We help you make the Czech Republic your home

The transition to life in the Czech Republic can be challenging, especially for newcomers adjusting to a new environment and professional role. At EDUA Group, we recognize the complexities involved in relocating to a new country, particularly for new teachers. That’s why, alongside our methodology support tailored specifically for new teachers, we’ve partnered with Prague’s premier visa agency for seamless visa processing and accommodation arrangements assistance at exclusive rates. Moreover, our dedicated EDUA team stands ready to provide invaluable support as you acclimate to your new professional landscape. Whether it’s navigating Czech-speaking offices, acting as intermediaries in local interactions, or assisting with Czech paperwork, count on us to be your reliable guide every step of the way. This comprehensive approach ensures that teachers not only receive the guidance necessary to thrive in their teaching roles but also navigate the logistical aspects of their move to the Czech Republic smoothly.

With us, you will be part of a community of teachers


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And what awaits you after a successful interview?

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